Dining and Catering

GirlPizza_000007877810SmallA&A currently operates 7 cafeterias in our territory servicing facilities with 400 to 2,000 people. We serve a varied menu with on site food preparation. Various types of meal service are available based on your needs and your financial constraints. We can provide grab and go, grill operations with popular sandwiches and prepared salads that work well with short lunch intervals and a limited ability to financially support the operation. On the other end of the spectrum, we can provide full cafeteria service with varied food preparation stations, salad bar and comprehensive beverage island. Of course there are many possibilities in between and we'd be happy to discuss these options with you when the need arises.

SaladBar_000007131730XSmallCatering Services
We also provide catering services for many of our customers. We have 2 large mobile grills and have been known to cook a few beef patties and steaks for company picnics and events. Whatever your event calls for, we can provide. From a formal, plated meal service for a special occasion to box lunches for you busy business meetings. We can help you provide food and beverages for your employees and guests that you will be proud to serve.