Fresh Food

CommissaryLadycopyIt wasn't long after we began our vending business that we understood, if we wanted to differentiate ourselves with our products, we needed to produce our own fresh food. Most people can sell a can of Coke or vend a bag of Fritos, but your own food program is uniquely yours. In 1997 we began operations of our own vending food culinary center and we've been creating recipes and feeding our customers ever since.

We have great variety every week
Variety is one of the hallmarks of our food production. Our culinary center produces 75 different fresh items per week. And we have recipes for over 150 items that are produced throughout the year.

Our flagship product is our 75 year old pimento cheese salad recipe which can be found in local markets in the Augusta area. All of our salad sandwiches are homemade and are very popular among our customers.

Big Ed's subs and cheeseburgers along with our po boy subs are also very popular. We produce weekly specials such as chili, Brunswick stew and hash and rice. We also feature some southern specialties like boiled peanuts and watermelon.

The quality of our food is very important to us and can only be evaluated when someone buys and eats our products. We use short shelf lives on our fresh food items to insure they are tasted when they are still at their best. Pull dates are clearly marked on all of our packaging.